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What is Consol?

ConSol International association brings together European initiatives that contribute to conflict resolution between communities. These actions are focused on the discovery and appropriation of a questioning process, similar to the one which lies at the basis of the research practice in academia, both in natural sciences and humanities.
ConSol proposes to use Scientific Culture as a tool for conflict resolution. Discovering scientific research methodology is a way to experience attitudes and values that we argue are echoing constructive attitude and values needed to overcome conflict. Indeed, the research process common to both natural sciences and humanities is based on critical thinking, questioning, dialogue, refusal of arguments based on authority. Collaboration of individuals from diverse cultural and disciplinary backgrounds is also a key feature of the academic, crucially needed for the advancement of science.

Methodology :

Skills that classical conflict solving workshop aim to develop can be acquired through workshops inviting the public to experience research methodology. Our workshops are build upon problem based solving approaches. More classical conflict solving exercises are also imported into science communication workshop to further develop skills related to strengthening dialogue and cooperation. We are continuously trying to innovate and the frontier between scientific and conflict solving workshops.
Beyond skills and methodology, our public learns about scientific culture, which is a common ground shared by all nations and cultures, and that has been build throughout history by the contribution of all.
We also address scientific issues that can be matter of conflict, through topics such as water, energy, biological evolution, etc.

Actions :

conflict resolution process based on the discovery of scientific research:

•    We propose workshops based on the discovery of scientific methodology, of so-called “socratic thinking”. Public is recruited through their motivation for science in all communities involved and thanks to the collaboration with local partners involved in education, and in particular schools.
•    Workshops are led by students and researchers in natural sciences and humanities. Professionals of classical approaches to conflict resolution are also involved. To involve a maximum of public, workshop are organised during week-end or holidays, not to conflict with school or work time.
•    We held a two days workshop in Vukovar for 20 teenagers, both from Croat and Serb communities. None of the kids involved had permanent contacts with peers from the other community prior to the workshop. Six months after the workshop they were still in contact with their peers from the other community (throught facebook for example). A second workshop in vukovar is now on its way for january 2011.

training of local NGOs for sustainability:
Each first workshop is associated with a training session for local NGOs. We explain and discuss the potential benefits of a science based approach. Whenever possible we build connections between local NGOs involved in conflict resolution and local NGOs involved in science communication or informal science education. We also empower local NGOs to use online resources related to science based workshops conception.

training of university students in europe to build an international task-force

•    We train students in Master and Doctoral level in European universities to perform science communication in conflictual environments. The training is done by professionals of science communication as well as conflict resolution. Our training is certified and often financed by universities.
•    A two days workshop as been held in Paris to present the perspective to local students and researchers and to offer a training thanks to the financial support of Paris Diderot University and Ecole Normale Superieure. 

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Consol International has win the best interdisciplinary prize and prize of the public at Wiser-U Beijing coopetition in 2010.

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