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Youth in Action

Sharing expertise in educational support toward motivated youth

Training and networking workshop


The support for talented youth is becoming an increasingly discussed issue on the European level, as it is expected to be pivotal for the future competitiveness of European economy. However,  creating a support system, especially for the young age groups, is a highly complex task that  requires collaborative participation from various social actors. This is difficult to accomplish,  especially in countries like Croatia that undergoes deep social and economic reforms and lacks a systemic policy on this issue. The project aims at bringing together active participants in the field of identification and support of motivated and gifted youth: education professionals, science promoters, researchers in education, and policy makers. They will present their work by communicating their views on what they consider as a talented youth and promoting successful measures and activities they have undertaken. This will foster collaborations between participants, which is a necessary step toward promoting joint projects, ideas and initiatives. The project will help create plans for cooperative projects and future joint actions to ensure a long term impact of the project.

We have been involved in work with motivated and gifted youth either as individuals (mentors to pupils and students, members of science competition committees, trainers of teachers, researchers in the field of youth polices, organizers of summer camps, etc.) or as the institution (S3I is co-organizing science summer camps in the city of Čakovec and it is becoming involved in various educational activities through its newly formed Centre for Advancement of Education - Our experts have both national and European experience in youth policies developing and monitoring, namely for the Croatian Government, the Council of Europe and the European Commission. This project emerged as a natural continuation of our activities since we have already collaborated with some project partners or learned about them through our work. Hence, we know that these partners have no problems to execute a project of this scale and they are highly motivated to make it a success. The main activity of the project is the meeting where the participants will present their work – with the emphasis on the best practice examples, future plans, and search for project partners. One of our project promoters, REDEA, is hosting this event at their Technology and innovation centre (TIC) in the city of Čakovec (Croatia). Organizing events of this scale and complexity is a part of their core business and they have an extensive experience in such tasks. In addition to that, they are actively involved in devising developing strategies for the local county, including the development of human resources, as well as providing support for projects development. We have already collaborated with them and S3I is incubated by TIC. The project is organized in the form of work packages (WPs), which contain activities needed for the implementation of the project.

WP 0: Project management

Project management is responsible for the overall implementation of the project. It is executed by the project team, which contains the following members:

WP 1: Partnership building event – workshop meeting

The venue is Technology and Innovation Centre in Čakovec, Croatia. The meeting will cover participants active in four key areas:

- extracurricular work with motivated and gifted youth

- training of teachers interested in advanced teaching methods

- scientific research in the filed of talented youth and new teaching methodologies

- educational policies promoting work with motivated and gifted youth.

WP 2: Communication and dissemination

Communication has two components:

1. between project promoters and management team before, during and after the main activity/event: e-mails will be used for day-to-day communication, skype meetings for critical meetings before and after the meeting, and face-to-face meetings of the management team during the event

2. between the workshop participants and the workshop organizers (mostly trough the support staff) before and after the meeting: mostly e-mails, web-portal, FAQ list of questions, facebook, twitter, and chat

WP 3: Project evaluation






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